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drumprints vol. 1 digital download

drumprints vol. 1 digital download

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drumprints vol. 1 by Spencer Tweedy is a collection of sampleable drum loops and compositions, licensed to be remixed and reused for free under the Creative Commons BY 4.0 license.

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Take a bar, take 8 bars, take 16, 32… jump around and find something to loop, or use the whole track. Sing on it, rap, play bass, blow a jug. Slow it down, speed it up, chop, process, distort.

These drum recordings are free for you to adapt. If you use them, please email me to show me what you’ve made. If you release it, please include a credit similar to this: “Drum samples by Spencer Tweedy’s Drumprints.” (See more info on the CC-BY 4.0 license here.)

You can also listen just for the sake of listening. It’s sequenced to be as album-like as possible :)

thanks & hugs,

p.s. The last numbers in the track title are the tempo. Download in a lossless format like WAV for the best audio. More info at


Released February 3, 2023

Performed and engineered by Spencer Tweedy

Artwork by Spencer Tweedy
“Drumprints” mark by Phoebe Randall, adapted from licensed Noun Project work by Zefir Efemera
Photo of Spencer in front of Hal Blaine’s drums at Musical Instrument Museum Phoenix by Debbie Voll
Drums by Slingerland, cymbals by Zildjian K Constantinople
Recorded at The Pocket - Chicago in January 2023

The world’s sense of rhythm is continually enriched by people in sub-Saharan Africa and the African diaspora. I wouldn’t really know what to do with a drum if it weren’t for their singing (in voice and on drums) — often stolen, often shared in joy. I thank them.

Thanks also to Mom, Dad, Sammy, Casey Walker, Glenn Kotche, Jeff Fortin, Dane Richeson, Maurice Barrett, Mark Greenberg, Tom Schick, Phoebe Randall, Jason Ashworth, and Goodhertz Plugins.

This copyrighted work is licensed under Creative Commons BY 4.0. Read this page to learn more about how you can use it.

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